Our Vision Advertiser

The Vision Advertiser is printed and distributed by The Vision Children’s Home.

The Vision Advertiser was first published in September 2001 and a total of 3,500 copies were distributed in size ‘A5’. During September 2003 our advertisers increased and a total of 5,000 copies were distributed. Still our advertisers increased and during March 2005 we printed 6,500 copies.

In June 2006 more sales staff, were recruited and a total of 7,000 copies of The Vision Advertiser was published. During the same year The Vision Advertiser received a new face lift. The front and back cover was printed in full colour and a number of 8,000 Vision Advertisers circulated. During January 2007 The Vision Advertiser had 10,000 copies distributed and by June the same year the magazine was printed in a size ‘A4’ on request from various advertisers who wanted glossy colour adverts.

As you have observed that The Vision Advertiser is into its 12th year of publication and is distributed free of charge. The Vision Advertiser is aimed at you the client, wanting to exhibit their products through a LOW COST, GOOD QUALITY, HIGH CIRCULATION medium.

Currently a total of 12,000 copies are printed and throughout The Western Cape and Boland areas on the First Friday of every month via all masjids and various advertisers. The Vision Advertisers is well received by the community and supporters and it is our main source income in support of the orphans and destitute children in our care. The demand for Vision Booklets is enormous and we wish we could print double our current quantity but our price structure for adverts does not allow us to do so.

So don’t delay. Call now and be contributors to a worthy cause.

Our Car

During the month of January 2012 we were pleasantly surprised when one of our Athlone community members walked into our offices and informed us that he was planning to DONATE his carwash business to Vision Child and Youth Care Centre in honour of his and his wife’s late parents. It was amazing that someone could just give away their business for the love of Allah.

The owner’s vision is that the children’s home will generate steady and regular income via their support network and also use the business to teach the Vision residents at the workplace business skills by actively involving them in the running of the business. The transfer date was Monday 6 February 2012. We have changed the name of the business to VISION CARWASH which fits in with our branding strategy.

The owner and his wife, for obvious reasons, wanted to stay anonymous. It is also their desire that more individuals will come forward with similar ventures. At Vision we have discussed the power of purpose on numerous occasions with our residents, so by now they are aware they are living on purpose and not living by accident.

At Vision we teach the residents to have written plans for attaining success because if you fail to plan, you really plan to fail. The majority of the Vision residents have committed their purpose and goals to paper for the simple purpose to succeed in life. With expenses amounting to over R100 000 per month, it is clear that Vision cannot survive without the regular support of generous donors and supporters.

Our motto: "Wash your car and support a child"

The Vision Car Wash business venture will really keep the Vision residents stimulated to achieve success and become professional people with sound business skills.

We look forward to the community support in order to make a success of this venture. Remember with your help the orphans and destitute will have a chance as it is also incumbent on our own citizens to support our own civil society.

Our Charity

The 21 year old Vision children’s home has reached yet another goal. A goal that was visualized some 6 years ago, a reality the Vision management felt comfortable with in body and mind.

For years Vision’s aim was to become self – sufficient, hence the reason for the opening of a used items shop. The opening of the shop materialized on Friday 8th February, thanks to the community who made this dream possible. The donations received were overwhelming; and amongst the many items received were fridges, stoves, washing machines, TV’s Hi-Fi’s, beds, curtaining, furniture, gym equipment, toys, blankets, picture frames, prams, cots, bicycles, crockery, wall clocks, wardrobes, books, kitchen units, doors, burglar bars, etc.

With the current socio – economic climate on the decline, the shop received thumbs up from many, as most people can ill – afford to buy brand new items these days. The Vision Charity Shop is a shop with good bargain items, so that the community and the Vision residents can benefit. Remember, at Vision every cent counts.

Our Printing Division

Vision Child and Youth Care Centre has acquired their own printing and industrial stapling machines. Printing and stapling is done at the Centre and we wish to add colour and vibrance to your advertising in whatever form: Vision is at your disposal with layout, designing, printing, stapling.

Our Printing Services include:

  • Prescription Pads
  • Self Adhesive Labels
  • Certificate Pads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Business Cards
  • Invitations
  • Letterheads
  • Posters / Flyers
  • Books
  • Catalogues, etc.