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Welcome to Vision Child and Youth Care Centre. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the aid of children who have been orphaned, abused, abandoned or left destitute. Our aim is to provide these children with a safe and stable environment, along with giving them the tools they need to succeed. Vision Child and Youth Care Centre provides for the destitute, abused, neglected and abandoned children as well as orphans, and was established in 1991.

Our premises can currently accommodate 50 residents, at present they range from age 1 to 23 years old, of whom are either at Crèche, in Grade R, at Primary school, at High school, also at Hifz school (Quran memorization), or at College and University as well as apprenticeship.

Our ultimate aim is to heal the hurts and abuse of their past and establish their self-confidence in order to prepare them for re-entry into the community.

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the continued and generous support from our surrounding communities, and as far out as we can reach. All aid is welcomed and appreciated.

We unfortunately over the years had to turn away many applications from social workers to place children with us because we are filled to capacity.


Each time this happens we shudder to think where these children are placed. It is our joint responsibility to care for those less fortunate and needy, so please join hands with us. We urgently implore you to assist us with this worthy project.

Remember our children are your children. The home is responsible for raising a substantial portion of its own funding in order to better our facilities and the upgrading of services.

We publish The Monthly Vision Advertiser, in which we place various interesting articles but mostly advertise different businesses. This magazine contributes to our monthly income and also serves awareness.

We also have three charity shops. Please feel free to visit. Click here to view the addresses of our charity shops.

We appeal for your support throughout the year. Join us in our efforts to provide the very best second chance for our children, who are being provided with the opportunity of re-working and re-negotiating their developmental stage of their lives.

Please feel free to visit us at any time in order for you to see first-hand what our organization is all about and meet the staff and residents. Please do not hesitate to contact the management should you require any additional information.

We are also available on Facebook and Instagram, with LinkedIn to follow. Please join and share our journey with us.

May The Almighty be pleased with our humble efforts, lnsha-Allah, Ameen. We wish you well for the future and are pleased to inform you that at Vision we do also accept Fidyah, Fitrah, Sadaqah, Lillah and Zakaah.


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