About Us

Vision Child & Youth Care Centre was founded by a Community Worker and his wife, a care worker with vast experience in working with children and youth.

Both remain actively involved in the Home, as Chief Operating Centre Manager and as Head of House Executive. Today, both are assisted by a compliment of staff, comprising of care givers, a social worker, administrative staff, domestic workers, assistants and sales reps.

The centre has even managed to develop a Printing Division, as well as 3 Charity Shops, which all serves to the aid of Vision Childrens Home, Vision Child & Youth Care Centre.

The children's needs are catered for by the home. We provide for their welfare and protection with the ultimate aim of establishing their self-confidence, become liberated and free from negative influences. We also strive to heal the hurts and abuse of the past, and prepare them to re-enter the community.

Our Vision

To be one of the best children's Homes in the provision of holistic and integrated quality care to orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children and at the same time becoming Self-Sufficient through the valued support of the community. To prepare them to the best of our ability to re-enter communities and adulthood as well-balanced, strong, happy individuals.

Biggest Challenges

Establishing and maintaining healthy inter-personal relationships with our residents and their families. This challenge is huge when one considers that they did not form strong attachments with their primary care-givers.

We are also very thankful to our voluntary staff and tutors who provide for the needs and developmental opportunities of these most lovable children. Our objective is to bring wholeness and healing of the child and family.

The other challenge is to equip the child with the necessary skills to master his or her life situation. The interests of the child are always of paramount importance. What is the best for the child, is the norm.