Our hosting programme enables suitable adults (who will be pre-screened) with a passion for children to take one child or more for weekends or during holiday periods and return the children after entertaining or spending quality time with them, allowing them to experience the pleasure of hospitality and sharing everyday activities with him / her.

Whilst opening your family's minds to the wider world.


We believe that education is the key to providing the children with a foundation to build their futures.

With the help of the community, we ensure that quality education is provided, including early childhood development.

We also arrange extra classes for our school-going children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills and assist with homework.


We do our best to re-unite the children with their families, for the purposes of family preservation and to provide the children with the comfort to know they have a biological family.

We do everything in our power to locate relatives of the child and restore them to their families.